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What is HIEMT Body Sculpting?

HIEMT stands for High-Intensity Electromagnetic Therapy. It is a non-invasive and painless body sculpting procedure that uses electromagnetic waves to stimulate muscle tissue. 

Our HIEMT Body Sculpting clinics in Perths’ Wattle Grove and Eden Hill provide a revolutionary, non-surgical body contouring treatment that can help you achieve a more toned and sculpted physique.

How does HIEMT work? HIEMT Body Sculpting works by generating high-intensity electromagnetic waves that cause the muscles to contract. 

These contractions are much stronger than what can be achieved through voluntary muscle contractions, and they last for several seconds. This repeated muscle contractions cause the muscles to become stronger and more defined, and it also helps to break down fat cells.

HIEMT Body Sculpting Perth


What is the Pelvic Pro?

HIEMT Pelvic Pro Body Sculpt Perth

How Does 11,000 Kegel Exercises in 30 mins sound?

Factors including normal ageing, childbirth and menopause lead to decondition and insufficient support of the pelvic organs. Such factors directly correlate with conditions such as urinary incontinence and a decrease in intimate satisfaction.

The HIEMT Pelvic Pro uses high-intensity electromagnetic energy to induce short, deep supramaximal muscle contractions to the whole pelvic floor area.

Improves recovery from:

- Childbirth (including postpartum)
- Post prostate surgery

Strengthen core & pelvic floor muscles simultaneously

11,000 muscle contractions per 30 min session

Suitable for ages 18+

HIEMT Pelvic Pro Body Sculpt Perth

How Does 11,000 Kegel Exercises in 30 mins sound?

MEDICINAL Benefits of HIEMT Body sculpting

What are the Benefits?

Back pain relief

The HIEMT body sculpting machine, used in our Wattle Grove and Canning Vale clinics, uses electromagnetic energy to produce powerful supramaximal contractions to help treat middle, lower and cervical back pain.

The treatment focuses on creating new muscle fibres through contractions to strengthen back muscles; enabling clients to carry on with their daily life without suffering those annoying aches and pains.

Aids in rehabilitation

HIEMT body sculpting clients with previous medical injuries have reported a significant reduction in aches and pains related to the injured area after receiving treatment. This of course, is purely dependant on the injury or condition experienced. The muscle contractions and creation of new muscle fibres produced by HIEMT strengthens and supports the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones in the treatment area. Stronger muscles and tendons assist in holding the body in proper alignment while also protecting both bones and joints in movement and under impact.

blood circulation

The combination of electromagnetic energy and supramaximal muscle contractions increases blood circulation; moving it to your muscles to help build them stronger and faster. An increase in blood flow not only provides the muscle with fresh oxygen and blood, it also leads the muscle's waste back to the kidneys. Faster recovery times, general tissue improvment and less muscle / joint sorenesss are some reasons why this is important.


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The Science Behind HIEMT Body Sculpting

How it Works

Our HIEMT body sculpt machine combines two energies (radio frequency & electromagnetic energy) for simultaneous fat elimination and muscle building in one session.

The device simultaneously emits RadioFrequency and high intensity focused electromagnetic energy for the removal of fat and building and creation of new muscle fibres.

The muscle contracts at the nerve root with one treatment triggering 20,000+ supramaximal muscle contractions; equivalent to 20,000+ kegel exercises.

With a penetration depth of 8cm into the subcutaneous fat (jiggly fat visible under your skin), it destroys and removes those stubborn fat cells you are unable to burn in a normal workout.

You can melt fat & tone your abs, butt, arms, legs, calves & shoulders in under 30mins…and all while lying down!

With the same results as Liposuction, tummy tucks and butt implants but with no risks, HIEMT body sculpting has become the new leader in sculpting the body.

This technology is backed by 13 clinical studies and has proved to be safe, painless. In support of this, it is TGA approved and holds a 96% client satisfaction rate.
Fat Cavitation The Science Image

Applicators simultaneously emit synchronized RF and HIEMT energies.

As a result of the radio frequency heating, the muscle temperature rapidly increases by several degrees. It prepares muscles, similarly to a warm-up prior to a workout.

Within 4 minutes, the temperature in the subcutaneous fat (visible fat under the skin) reaches levels that result in 'apoptosis' (process of programmed cell death) i.e. fat cells are permanently damaged and slowly removed from the body (permanent form of fat loss).

By passing the brain limitations, the muscle fibers contracts through HIEMT and energy in the treatment area intensifies to a level not achievable during a voluntary workout.

Extreme stress forces the muscles in your body to adapt, resulting in an increased number and growth of both muscle fibers and cells.


HIEMT Rehabilitation

HIEMT body sculpting clients with previous medical injuries have reported a significant reduction in aches and pains related to the injured area after receiving treatment.

The muscle contractions and creation of new muscle fibres produced by HIEMT strengthens and supports the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones in the treatment area.

Stronger muscles and tendons assist in holding the body in proper alignment while also protecting both bones and joints in movement under impact.


HIEMT Body Sculpting areas for Injury Rehabilitation


Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any additional questions or concerns about HIEMT body sculpting or any of our other holistic health services. Tania and Tully are both dedicated and here to assist you on your wellness journey.

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  • Stay Hydrated.
  • No food 1 hour prior to appointment. (Small protein snack if essential)
  • Remove all jewellery from the neck down (Piercings can stay)
  • No metallic threading or zips
  • Wear comfortable clothing (for photos, try to wear similar, if not the same clothes)

Pads are placed on the treatment zones on your body and held comfortably by straps. The technician slowly increases the intensity of the RF heat and electromagnetic pulses to match your comfort levels.

The applicator will get warmer and as the body sculpting treatment continues the pulses will slowly become more powerful.

Clients usually start noticing changes after their second session, but typically see their best results 3 months after their last session.

Immediate results are dependant on the person as some notice a difference instantly after their first session. 

Yes, the treatment is safe. However, it is not recommended for those that are under 18 years old, are pregnant, have a pacemaker or any other implanted electronic device.

Also avoid if you have any type of metal such as a Copper IUD near the treatment area. 

As always, it is recommended that you consult with your GP prior to your first session. 

As with any form of treatment, there is a possibility that a temporary side effect may occur.  

Side effects in the treatment area can include: 

  • Redness (may occur post RF treatment, however usually subsides quickly) 
  • You may experience general muscle soreness as if you have done a workout.
  • Try not to eat one hour after a body sculpt treatment
  • Diet and Exercise are always essential maintenance component of any type of muscle stimulation and or fat removal treatment.
  • It is IMPORTANT to drink a substantial amount of water (minimum of 1.5L a day) after the treatment and up to 3 days after as this helps flush out the toxins in your body. 
  • A healthy lifestyle and exercise regimen during and after treatment may not only produce more noticeable results, but ensure results last indefinitely.
  • It is recommended that a maintenance session is completed every 6 months as your muscle will retain up to 6 months from your last session. 
  • If you are pregnant or breast feeding
  • Have hemorrhagic conditions
  • Currently have a copper / metal IUD (for abdominal treatment area)
  • Have a pacemaker, electronic implants or implanted defibrillators
  • Heart disease
  • Pulmonary dysfunction
  • Muscle or neurological disease
  • Blood Thinners (Therapy)Bells' palsy
  • Lack of normal skin sensation in treatment area
  • Muscle injury, damage or tears in treatment area
  • A malignant conditionHernia (in treatment area or have had a history of hernia repair with mesh)
  • Any recent surgical procedures in the last 6 months (condition dependant as the contractions may disrupt healing)
  • Any other serious conditions or illnesses

For maximum body sculpting results, it is recommended to do eight (8) sessions total, structured at two (2) sessions a week for four (4) weeks straight.

However, if you can only do once a week, thats okay! We will try our best to put together a plan that will give you the results you're looking for within the available time you have.

The life you desire starts the moment you decide to make a change!


How Much Does It Cost?

New Client Trial *One Only*

Body Sculpt Intro – HIEMT, Fat Cav & RF Skin Tightening50min$99
Tone & Tighten Skin Intro – Fat Cav & RF Skin Tightening45min$60
Cellular Boost Intro – Red Light & Hydrogen-Oxygen Inhalation45min$60
Lift & Tone Facial Intro – RF Skin Tightening30min$50
Integrative Pelvic Therapy – Pelvic Pro & Red Light45min$50

Integrative Pelvic Therapy - Pelvic Pro & Red Light

Pelvic Pro & Red Light45min
1 session$75
2 sessions$140
4 sessions$260
6 sessions$360
8 sessions$440

Body Sculpt - HIEMT, Fat Cav & RF

Body Sculpt60min90min
1 session$140$230
2 sessions$260$440
4 sessions$500$880
6 sessions$720$1,260
8 sessions$920$1,640

Customer Reviews

What Our Clients Say

Thank you Tully for your friendly service! I was always at ease & enjoyed my sessions. Tully was very informative & knowledgeable and I’d thoroughly recommend Lotus Bird Vitality.

Erin Svorinich

Tully was very informative, talked me through every step of the process, explaining thoroughly what was happening and ensured I was comfortable. Such a relaxing environment with no pain and I will definitely be back for more sessions as I have already noticed a slight difference just after one session. I recommend anyone who is looking into body sculpting to visit Lotus Bird Vitality!

kara mulia
Kara Mulia

Highly recommend HIEMT for pain relief. One incredible, painless session of HIEMT had all the referred pain of my upper back completely gone. My hamstrings and hips were released and the pain in my lower back was easily halved. I have tried many forms of treatment for pain in the past but this has been by far the most pain free, quickest and effective relief I have experienced and I will certainly be a returning client.

carina Kopke
Carina Kopke

I absolutely loved my first experience with the Hiemt machine and Tully made me feel so comfortable and relaxed! I saw great instant results and could really feel it doing such a great workout of my muscles! I will absolutely be keeping this as a regular thing.

Chloe Chloe's Babysitting

I met with Tully who was so lovely. very professional and made me feel comfortable. I could see results after 1 visit. Can't wait to go back for more.

Mia Zeleski

Amazing experience, Tania is so lovely and ensures all information is given and the atmosphere is so calm and relaxing. By taking the time to connect with her clients, she really makes you feel at home

Sasha Knight

WOW! What an experience. Thank you Tania and Tully for helping me not only lose weight and inches, but what you also achieved for my mental health! You're holistic views and alternative therapies have assisted beyond belief, its really nice to know i can come to one place that offers these services! I'm so glad I met you both. My sessions make me feel like I'm visiting a friend not at an appointment. I would give 10 stars if I could.

Carol Langham

Felt really comfortable and relaxed with my 45min session on the Hiemt machine followed by Fat Cavitation to maximise my results. Great company and conversations! Highly recommended 🙂 thx Tully

Evan Bristow

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