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The Future of Medicine will be the Medicine of Frequencies.

Open the doorway to a life filled with Abundance and Prosperity

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Unleashing the Power of Sound and Frequency

Vibrations for Vitality

There is a growing recognition around the powerful effects sound, vibration, and frequency has on our physical and mental states of being. This recognition stems from an increasing awareness of how these elements can profoundly affect our mind and body. As we dive deeper into the interconnected nature of all things and recognise the significant role resonance plays in shaping the experience of ourselves and our reality, there is a surge in curiosity about leveraging phenomena like AO Scan for holistic (natural) wellness at personal and collective levels.

Sound has long been acknowledged for its ability to evoke emotions, triggermemories, and even induce relaxation or stress. The vibrations produced by sound waves can resonate with different parts of our bodies, influencing our physiological and psychological responses. Similarly, specific frequencies have been found to have varying effects on brain activity, mood regulation and overall well-being. This growing understanding has led to a heightened appreciation for the potential therapeutic benefits that sound therapy, music therapy or other forms of vibrational healing can offer.

The intricate interplay of sound and energy within AO Scan is calling you to realign your body’s energetic pathways and foster a state of equilibrium and vitality. Embrace this as an opportunity to explore the potentially profound healing benefits that this sound and energy avenue can offer.

AO scans

Stay Home, Feel Better Naturally

What is AO Scan Technology?

Alpha Omega (AO) Scan Technology is an innovative system that taps into the concept of bioresonance, an approach to health that focuses on the body’s energy fields. It operates on the principle that every cell in the body emits its electromagnetic frequency. Based on modern research, these frequencies can be influenced by various factors such as stress, emotions, toxins and pathogens.

By utilising bioresonance technology, the AO Scanner (now an app) analyses the energetic frequencies within your body and provides valuable insights into your physical and emotional states of being.

The AO Scanner can detect deviations from optimal health patterns, provide insights into potential areas of concern and produce harmonising frequencies to help optimise the detected imbalances. AO Scan offers you a unique, non-invasive opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of your own energetic balance and potential health issues. By assessing the body’s energetic frequencies, this technology can not only help you identify areas of imbalance or blockages but help optimise them naturally through specific sounds, vibrations and frequencies.

Disclaimer: Results are personal, unique and body dependant. Although our clients’ testimonials are genuine re-counts of their own experience’s, they are personal and do not represent everyone who uses Lotus Bird Vitality and the Solex ‘AO Scan Technology’ app and products. It is of upmost importance you understand that Lotus Bird Vitality (LBV) and its client testimonials do not make any claims on the app or product’s ability to prescribe, diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any ailments.
In addition, please note that AO Scan Technology has not been evaluated or approved by TGA or FDA and does not treat, cure, prevent or diagnose conditions. LBV does not provide medical services and recommends seeking independent medical advice.

Snapshots of Your AO Scan

AO Scan Low Self Esteem

Inner Voice Report (Suppressed Emotions)

Vitals Report (Comprehensive Health Assessment)

Personalised Frequency Playlist Broadcasted)

Why It's Good For You

Benefits of AO Scans

Non-Invasive and Safe

AO Scans offer a non-invasive method for personalised health assessments. It allows for frequent monitoring without the risks associated of radiation exposure from methods like CT Scans and X-rays.

Comprehensive Health Assessment

Over 130 different body parts can be examined, including cells, bones and chromosomes. This enables early identification of imbalances and potential health issues.

Fast and Effective

AO Scan allows for quick personalised assessments that can be conducted remotely from anywhere in the world. Within minutes, it can detect and optimise your physical and emotional imbalances using specific sounds, vibrations and frequencies

Early Detection and Prevention

Catching imbalances or abnormalities early on means action can be taken faster. Many ailments can be stopped in their tracks with early detection.

Monitoring Progress

By conducting regular AO Scans, you can track your progress over time and see how your bioenergetic field responds to various interventions such as lifestyle changes, dietary modifications, or supplements.

ao scan for pets

AO Scan for Pets

Just like humans, your animals can also benefit from the advanced technology of AO Scans. By conducting a scan on your beloved fur baby, you can gain valuable insights into their health and well-being. 

The scan can detect (and optimise) imbalances in their energetic field, identify potential health issues early on and help create targeted wellness plans to support their overall vitality. Whether it’s addressing chronic conditions or simply optimising their quality of life, AO Scan for pets offers a supportive holistic approach to pet care.

Snapshots of Pets AO Scan

pet AO scan

Inner Voice Report (Suppressed Emotions)

pet AO scan

Vitals Report (Comprehensive Health Assessment)

pet AO scan

Personalised Frequency Playlist Broadcasted)

Home & Business

Space Energy Clearings

Are you ready to welcome and infuse your sacred space with a symphony of higher vibrational frequencies? Through our space energy clearings, we help homes and businesses get rid of old, stagnant, negative energies and activate harmonious frequencies resonating with the new reality – love, joy, abundance, prosperity, effortless creation and peace.

We use traditional methods of smudging (white sage or palo santo unless you have a preference) and our intentional energetic essence, yet we have added a unique, modern twist. Through AO Scan , we imprint powerful energetic frequencies into the “tools” we use to add another supportive, energy-cleansing layer. This whole process helps remove negative energies, balance the space’s energy flow and create an environment more in alignment with your true essence and deepest desires.

A complementary AO Scan is also given to the owner of the space!

AO Scan & Space Clearing FAQ's

Common Questions

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any additional questions or concerns. Our dedicated team is here to assist you on your wellness journey.

White Lotus Bird Vitality logo transparent

The AO Scan can be conducted either remotely or in one of the wellness studios. First time AO Scans, if not done in-person, will be conducted over Zoom with a walkthrough.

The AO Scan app offers extensive capabilities, starting at $30 for an inner voice scan, vitals report + optimisation and personalised frequency broadcast. These features provide you with valuable insights into your health and well- being. However, any additional services like ‘body system support scanning and optimisation’ will incur separate costs.

We currently offer 4 AO Scans per week (16 scans a month) at a monthly fee of $100. Each AO Scan includes inner voice report + supportive audios, vitals report and optimisation and a personalised frequency broadcast. Reports and audios are sent via email.

Prices for home or business energy clearing begin at $120 and may vary depending on where and how large the space is. Duration may need to be extended if space is large.

Full price or a deposit will need to be paid prior to attending to secure the booking. Energy Clearings include white sage smudging with a unique positive affirmation frequency imprinted into your home or business (abundance, wealth, prosperity, energy shield etc) and an AO Scan to bring you physically and emotionally back into balance.

The AO Scans are a strong support layer in the cleansing process as it helps raise your frequency and vibration.

It takes about 30 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area.

During the treatment, you will feel a warm sensation. You may also feel some tingling or prickling.

While there is ongoing research into the effectiveness of bio-resonance and frequency techniques used in the AO Scan technology, it is essential to note that this technology should not be used as a replacement for medical diagnosis or treatment.

The frequency of getting an AO Scan depends on your individual needs and circumstances. There are people who run them daily, a couple times a week, monthly or even yearly.

Get Started

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Effortlessly release what no longer serves you, call in higher vibrational frequencies and awaken to the infinite possibilities that await you by booking in an AO Scan or Space Energy Clearing today.

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AO Scan & Space Energy Clearing Prices

How Much Does It Cost?

AO Scan

Zoom Call – Single AO Scan30 mins$30
In-Studio – Single AO Scan30 mins$30
Pet AO Scan – Single Scan15 mins$15

Space Energy Clearing - Home & Business

Space Energy Clearing – Home & Business1 hourVaries


What Our Clients Say

On Saturday I had my first session with Tully. I was very unsure on what to expect and didn’t know a lot about HIEMT or body sculpting. Tully was very informative, talked me through every step of the process, explaining thoroughly what was happening and ensured I was comfortable. Such a relaxing environment with no pain and I will definitely be back for more sessions as I have already noticed a slight difference just after one session. I recommend anyone who is looking into body sculpting to visit Lotus Bird Vitality!

kara mulia
Kara Mulia

Highly recommend HIEMT for pain relief. One incredible, painless session of HIEMT had all the referred pain of my upper back completely gone. My hamstrings and hips were released and the pain in my lower back was easily halved. I have tried many forms of treatment for pain in the past but this has been by far the most pain free, quickest and effective relief I have experienced and I will certainly be a returning client.

carina Kopke
Carina Kopke

Yeeeeow. If you are wanting to know accurate results instead or relying on the scales or measurements then Inbody scan is the way to go. Very happy with the service provided and recommend it to anyone wanting to know a real look from the Insideout. The information given is second to none

Joshuacarn Metuariki

I absolutely loved my first experience with the Hiemt machine and Tully made me feel so comfortable and relaxed! I saw great instant results and could really feel it doing such a great workout of my muscles! I will absolutely be keeping this as a regular thing.

Chloe Chloe's Babysitting

Now mid 70’s, I have a higher focus on my health now more than I ever have as I want to fully enjoy the years to come in my life. After having a couple sessions on the hydrogen-oxygen machine, I decided to invest in my health and wellbeing by purchasing my own to use every day in my home. I’ve been inhaling and drinking the water every day for a bit over 2 months and have benefited greatly. Particularly with my sleeping habits and helping relieve pain with my osteoporosis in my right hip. The machine is affordable, very easy to use and convenient if you wish to watch tv or read a book when on it. I would highly recommend giving it a try to see how you could benefit from it.

Connie Veerman

I’m 76 years young and a type 2 diabetic. I’ve been seeing Lotus Bird Vitality for 6 months, starting off with their HIEMT treatments for pain relief before trying their hydrogen-oxygen therapy. With HIEMT, I found it helped with the pain in my legs and it increased my blood circulation; reducing the cramping feeling in my legs and I could feel my toes again.

Henrie Veerman

I met with Tully who was so lovely. very professional and made me feel comfortable. I could see results after 1 visit. Can't wait to go back for more.

Mia Zeleski

Thank you Tully for your friendly service! I was always at ease & enjoyed my sessions. Tully was very informative & knowledgeable and I’d thoroughly recommend Lotus Bird Vitality.

Erin Svorinich

When I met Tully I had been looking for ways to increase my oxygen levels as I didn’t have enough energy to exercise for long periods. She explained how the Hydrogen Generator machine operated and suggested I have three sessions to trial out the effects. I was really surprised as there was a noticeable difference in my energy levels in a short period of time. All in all I am enjoying greater flexibility in my movements. My cognitive abilities and memory have dramatically improved. This is a great outcome as I am 71yrs old. I now have purchased the Hydrogen Generator and enjoy having more energy each day. I am so grateful how Tully has helped me achieve such great results.

Sonja Kay

Amazing experience, Tania is so lovely and ensures all information is given and the atmosphere is so calm and relaxing. By taking the time to connect with her clients, she really makes you feel at home

Sasha Knight

Fantastic Thanks Tania and Lotus Bird. The hydrogen machine arrived as described and depicted. I am so happy with my purchase I have been using it non stop since I unboxed it 👏 Thank you 🙏 Amazing customer service !!!

Glen Taylor

WOW! What an experience. Thank you Tania and Tully for helping me not only lose weight and inches, but what you also achieved for my mental health! You're holistic views and alternative therapies have assisted beyond belief, its really nice to know i can come to one place that offers these services! I'm so glad I met you both. My sessions make me feel like I'm visiting a friend not at an appointment. I would give 10 stars if I could.

Carol Langham

Highly recommend Tania at Lotus Bird Vitality. Have been going for a couple of months now for their Hydrogen Therapy. Very rejuvenating

Nikki Dunnett

Felt really comfortable and relaxed with my 45min session on the Hiemt machine followed by Fat Cavitation to maximise my results. Great company and conversations! Highly recommended 🙂 thx Tully

Evan Bristow

After returning from the UK and feeling constantly tired, depleted of energy, sleep deprived and generally not like myself, Tully suggested I try the Red Light Therapy and Hydrogen Water, which I did and were a great help. I now have had the AO scans daily for the past month. It's amazing when you are in tune with your body how things align and the scans daily have helped immensely with not only wellbeing but aware of what's best for my body in the way of food intake. My inflammation seems to have dramatically reduced and energy levels are getting back to normal. The ladies are very professional and it's a relaxing comfortable space to heal your body.

Wendy Battel Designation

I recently had the opportunity to use the AO Scan for three weeks and I was incredibly impressed with the results. The process was really simple and convenient, I only had to send a 10sec voice recording 4 days a week and in return, I received the frequency healing tailored to what my body needed at the time. During this time, I experienced significant improvement in my overall well-being. I had been suffering from a sore neck for about a year and a half and tried multiple different things. My sore neck would give me really bad headaches almost daily and while using the AO Scan, I only had one headache in the three weeks which was amazing. I would highly recommend giving them a go, it's super interesting. I felt really supported and safe within the whole experience and I felt like I was healing on both a physical and mental level.

Jodie Konstantin Designation
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