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Some of the best stories start with family and ours is no different.

We have all had a ‘step back and re-assess’ moment and it truly can be one of the most uncomfortable, yet life changing of times.

This is how Lotus Bird Vitality began; when our founder, Tania Bristow, decided to take a step back from the systemised 9-5 job in 2012 and do something in alignment with her energetic calling. Lotus Bird Vitality, in essence, is a holistic health & wellness business built on the foundation of hard work, passion and a love to connect – especially those sharing a similar journey of self and healing.

Personal development work and the shared love for return to self (softening life through our perception work, rejuvenating & healing the body, journey’s, expansion of consciousness) has, since Jan 2021, brought Tania and her daughter Tully professionally together for business expansion within their own SOR Perth homes.

We know the importance of inner transformation, “doing the work” as many call it, and seek to only offer opportunities that support your journey in all physical, emotional and spiritual aspects.

Meet Tania

Hi, I’m Tania, director of Lotus Bird Vitality. I’ve always loved the holistic side of life and have a deep passion for seeking answers as to “why we’re here”.

Previously I have worked in the corporate industry until 2012, where I then discovered transformational opportunities to improve quality of life for others. 

I find it most fulfilling when we align with endeavours that help our transition to the ‘NEW’ reality.

tania bristow lotus bird vitality
tully bristow lotus bird vitality

Meet Tully

Hi, I’m Tully, co-owner of Lotus Bird Vitality. I’ve worked in the recruitment industry for a couple years, however my deepest passion and excitement lies in personal development and holistic wellness & healing. 

I love to travel and explore the world, including the space of inner transformation as I’m always seeking a deeper understanding of myself and everything around me.

tully bristow lotus bird vitality

How We Can Help You
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HOLISTIC BODY SCulpting & wellness Options

Our Treatments


Combines the properties of both hydrogen and oxygen to promote health and well-being through various physiological mechanisms.


A non-invasive body contouring treatment using ultrasonic waves to break down fat cells, resulting in a slimmer, more toned appearance.​


A non-surgical procedure that stimulates collagen production, resulting in firmer, smoother skin, reducing fine lines, sagging and wrinkles.


Body composition scans provide detailed insights into the proportions of muscle, fat, water, and other components in the body, aiding in health and fitness assessments.


A non-invasive procedure that induces muscle contractions, leading to increased muscle tone, strength, and fat reduction in targeted areas.​


The HIEMT Pelvic Pro uses high-intensity electromagnetic energy to induce short, deep supramaximal muscle contractions to the whole pelvic floor area.

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